Northern Fire

Sativa | THC: 29.14% | CBD: .05%

A classic California sativa, Northern Fire is an immaculate mix of Chemdawg and Blueberry Northern Lights. Northern Fire provides fresh piney smells with hints of lemon zest from the Northern Lights lineage with a strong fuel finish from its ChemDawg heritage. Northern Fire makes the perfect sativa hybrid that leaves you a soothing, relaxed feeling combined with a happy euphoria.


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1 review for Northern Fire

  1. Mufasa

    Mannn these guys product is out of this WORLD I smoked one raw cone of Peanut butter jelly time and fell into ah weed coma LMAO I woke up on the living room floor like 20 minutes later with one shoe on, a half eaten pack of donuts next to me and a barely puffed on joint. Likeeee it had me ready to try some more strains and concentrates🤞🏽😭🥇🖤🗣 Shout out to Dope As Yola for putting me on this🥳🏆 I would love to puff on some blunts and rips some bongs during story time with yhu someday 🎭🎟🥇🎬

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