Berry Jane

Sativa | THC: 29.77% | CBD: .04%

Berry Jane, which comes from parents Fruity Pebble OG and Blueberry, tastes and smells just as good as it looks. Densely populated amethyst trichomes promote a head high ideal for productivity and vivid spontaneity. A captivating multi-sensory experience with bursts of candy and bright berries, the Berry Jane strain has quickly become a favorite in the sativa focused community.


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3 reviews for Berry Jane

  1. Jeffrey

    The terps are spot on, high is amazing with 0 dtop off and great functionality. Another perfect EV product.

  2. RH

    Fantastic smell and taste as always. Smells intensely of sugary fruit like u just opened one of those sugar cereal boxes- but better. To me the high was Stoney and a bit similar to GSC. Definitely left me blissed out

  3. Dan Beck

    What a great leaning sativa ! My batch looked exactly like this pic above. It was great fruity sweet notes and high leaves you with deep thoughts and enough energy to express intellectual conversations in social situations. The taste is on point as well and bad appeal like I said is stellar too! Noice work on this one Guys, ty

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