Gelonade strain

Gelonade Gelonade is a California classic heavy hitting sativa. Pioneered by Connected Cannabis, Gelonade is a cross between Gelato 41 and Lemon Tree. This sativa is a perfect combination of citrus, floral, and gas. Gelonade tastes of sweet lemonade and smells like the sugar that coats the rim of a Lemon Drop Martini. It is […]


Sunkissed strain

Sunkissed Sunkissed by Ember Valley is a cross between Platinum Tangie and Arise. This sativa-hybrid packs quite the punch, while maintaining that natural silky smooth smoke that we at Ember Valley strive to deliver. With an aroma of citrus, and the taste of sunshine, Sunkissed can only be described as the perfect morning smoke. Species […]

Melon Fizz

Melon Fizz strain

Melon Fizz Big Sativa Energy that kicks in immediately after consumption to help you focus and give you the energy boost you need to handle the day. Whether you’re out and about or working on a creative project Melon Fizz is your daytime go-to. The perfect combination of sweet and earthy Melon Fizz will leave […]

Berry Jane

Berry Jane strain

Berry Jane Berry Jane, which comes from parents Fruity Pebble OG and Blueberry, tastes and smells just as good as it looks. Densely populated amethyst trichomes promote a head high ideal for productivity and vivid spontaneity. A captivating multi-sensory experience with bursts of candy and bright berries, the Berry Jane strain has quickly become a […]