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Dub Bub

They say classics never go out of style, this is undoubtedly true about Kush strains in California. Dub Bub, a highly potent Indica strain that perfectly highlights its impressive genetic lineage. A cross between Kush Mintz and Do-Si-Dos, Dub Bub offers smokers a modern take on the classic West Coast cannabis strains we know and love. Dub Bub’s aromatic profile blends the scent of coffee with fresh mint and pine, and a slight earthy funkiness that pays ode to its OG roots. The nose of this strain seamlessly translates to the taste, leaving a chocolate-nuttiness lingering on the tongue. Dub Bub’s effects may be perfect for people looking to let go – of stress, pain, anxiety, or just a really long day. A few puffs of this sticky strain are enough to create a long-lasting sense of euphoria that soothes the soul. It lulls consumers into a stoney state of irresistible bliss. In higher doses, Dub Bub influences a heavy state of relaxation that may leave you feeling spacey, introspective, hungry, and zen for hours. If you’re searching for a strain to support your relaxation rituals, we recommend adding this calming cultivar to your rotation.


Relaxed, Introspective, Euphoric

Coffee, Pungent, Floral

Earthy, Peppery, Chocolate

Kush Mints x Do-Si-Dos

Archive Seed Bank

Terpene profile




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