Ember Valley

Riff OG

A good OG will never go out of style. Riff OG is Ember Valley’s house spin on the revered and prolific OG Kush strain. This Indica heavyweight contains sky-high potency and a mouth-watering gassy pine flavor that is best consumed in the comfort of your own home with plenty of munchies on tap.

Darts, our single 1G Pre-roll, is made using freshly ground premium indoor smalls- no trim. Rolled to perfection and always filled with single strain flower. These full-gram joints come in a convenient pop tube- for the connoisseur on the go.


Calm, Cerebral, Stoney

Diesel, Old Spice, Funk

Gas, Pine, Earthy

(Fire OG x Scott’s OG) x PCS1

Prolific Coast Seeds

Terpene profile




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