Ember Valley

Melted strawberries

The hometown gassy hero GMO paired up with an absolute bombshell of a Strawberry Guava pheno for this masterpiece strain. Melted Strawberries is naturally potent and packs a real punch when you need it the most. Tight and dense in structure, when you crack open a nug of this gamechanger, you are reminded why you smoke weed in the first place. Remember that just because it isn’t purple, doesn’t mean it won’t absolutely put your tolerance to the test and give those lungs a run for their money.


Uplifting, Euphoric, Relaxing

Sugar, Fruit, Herbal

Sweet, Earthy, Garlic

Lemonade x Gelato 42 x London Poundcake 97

Bloom Seed Co.

Terpene profile




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