Ember Valley

Apple Tartz

What happens when you cross Runtz with Apple Fritter? You get Apple Tartz. It leans heavy on the candy gas flavors that Runtz brings but is supported with the viscous density that Fritter is popular for. It’s as if we planted an entire orchard of Honeycrisp apples and dunked them in buckets of Caprisun before freezing them into absolute trichome-dipped units of holiness. The nose jumps out of the bag and the structure of each nug is a work of art. This particular cultivar came from our 2022 pheno hunt and has quickly earned her way into the hearts of everyone that experiences her majestic beauty.


Invigorating, Relaxing, Incites an Overall Feeling of High Self Worth

Fruity, Candy, Sweet, Creamy

You just bit into an Apple and washed it down with a Caprisun.

Runtz x Apple Fritter

Exotic Genetix

Terpene profile




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