Point Break

Point Break

Point Break Surfr Seeds has impressed us time and time again here at Ember Valley with new and exotic flavor profiles. Point Break – a cross between Tropicanna Cookies X Trophy Wife form buds with beautiful violet-indigo hues. The cotton candy flavor profile on this Sativa flower will make a perfect addition to a day […]


Jack Herer Jack Herer- the Sativa that stands the test of time. This Remember Valley strain is a stoner staple with frosty green nugs that produce a very upbeat and social effect. It tastes like a mixture of orange juice and lemon/lime soda. This legacy strain was named after cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, […]

Northern Fire

Northern Fire Northern Fire is far too fire to name anything else. This Sativa has been a staple of Shasta County cannabis for nearly a decade. Northern Fire has a strong chemdawg high coupled with the distinct flavor of freshly picked blueberries. Northern Fire will compliment any part of your schedule with a potent and […]