Power Hour

Power Hour Power Hour is sweet and flavorful. This combination of Oreoz Cake X Now & Laters was hand selected by our cultivation team for its chunky orange buds and the chatty social energy it infuses in the user. Power Hour is our top choice for a smoke sesh circle with friends or passing the […]

Dub Bub

Double Bubble strain

Dub Bub They say classics never go out of style, this is undoubtedly true about Kush strains in California. Dub Bub, a highly potent Indica strain that perfectly highlights its impressive genetic lineage. A cross between Kush Mintz and Do-Si-Dos, Dub Bub offers smokers a modern take on the classic West Coast cannabis strains we […]


Ember Valley Mac Jar + Nug

MAC Species Hybrid Effects Dreamy, Relaxed, Uplifted Nose Dank, Diesel, Tangerine Palate Citrus inhale, Gassy exhale Cross Alien Cookies x Colombian Landrace x Starfighter Breeder Capulator Previous Next Terpene profile δ-Limonene β-Caryophyllene β-Pinene Find this strain near you Explore more of our strains by species AllHybridIndicaSativa Verzace Sunkissed Red Runtz Peaches Be Crazy Melted Strawberries […]