Purple Octane

Purple Octane When you hear Seed Junky Genetics you already know the quality is going to be top-notch. Purple octane is no exception. This tasty strain burns clean with light gray to white ash while being extremely smooth on the lungs. This is a great strain for sore muscles, anxiety, body pain, or insomnia. Purple […]

Purple Churro

Purple churro Do not smoke this one before operating heavy machinery. This Cinnamon Horchata/Apples and Bananas cross has a potent high, so plan accordingly. Definitely a Must try for indica lovers.This is the one if you’re looking for something tasty with a euphoric head high and a relaxing of the muscles. Use this strain for […]

Point Break

Point Break

Point Break Surfr Seeds has impressed us time and time again here at Ember Valley with new and exotic flavor profiles. Point Break – a cross between Tropicanna Cookies X Trophy Wife form buds with beautiful violet-indigo hues. The cotton candy flavor profile on this Sativa flower will make a perfect addition to a day […]

Glitter Bomb

Glitter Bomb Glitter Bomb is simply the best of the best. This is fun weed – perfect for easy evenings and moments that make you laugh so hard you cry. This Compound Genetics brainchild is the perfect marriage of OGKB Blueberry Headband X Grape Gas- a powerhouse lineage. We know it’ll be challenging to resist […]

Cherry Pie Zkittlez

Cherry Pie Zkittlez CPZ is more of a power couple than a strain- this Cherry Pie x Zkittlez cross is the marriage of two of the most prolific strains on the market. A Hybrid strain known for its calming and cerebral effects with a tangy fruit flavor. CPZ is one-size-fits-all: perfect for the mid-morning sesh […]


Jack Herer Jack Herer- the Sativa that stands the test of time. This Remember Valley strain is a stoner staple with frosty green nugs that produce a very upbeat and social effect. It tastes like a mixture of orange juice and lemon/lime soda. This legacy strain was named after cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, […]

Power Hour

Power Hour Power Hour is sweet and flavorful. This combination of Oreoz Cake X Now & Laters was hand selected by our cultivation team for its chunky orange buds and the chatty social energy it infuses in the user. Power Hour is our top choice for a smoke sesh circle with friends or passing the […]

Devil’s Triangle

Devil’s Triangle Devil’s Triangle pays homage to the Emerald Triangle and the flavors associated with this region. It’s funky and flavorful on the palate with a citrus and spice undertone. We recommend Devil’s Triangle when you need something potent, soothing, and insightful. Species Indica Effects Calm, Productive, Cerebral Nose Fruity, Funky, Kush Palate Citrus, Peppery, […]

Gastro Pop

Gastro pop Gastro Pop is an all-purpose indica that’s calming but won’t slow you down during the day. This mouth-watering citrus medley tastes like a fresh soda pop- sweet and bubbly. Gastro Pop is perfect for calming the nerves during the day or when you have to be social but don’t feel like it. Species […]

LA Runtz

LA Runtz A bag seed hunted by a friend of ours in Los Angeles was found a few years back in an original Runtz sack. She is deep and dark in color with a unique mouthwatering complex candy profile that is significantly different from her sister! We had to throw an exotic for the name […]