A Family of Craftsmen

We strive for perfection, and we only put our name on flowers that meet the highest standard. We are not your typical industrial cannabis cultivator, and we certainly do not produce “biomass.” While other cultivators focus on production cost per gram and yield per square foot, we obsess over the smoothness of the smoke, the uniqueness of its flavor, and the feeling you get from it.  Located in the heart of Shasta County, we live and breathe our California heritage. Our team has been doing this for decades, long before the industry was popular or even accepted.  Uncompromising dedication to perfection is what separates average flower from flawless flower.

Get it delivered.

Premium flower right to your door.

How the Magic Happens

By connoisseurs, for connoisseurs.

A lot of Nature, A lot of Nurture

We select strains based on their cannabinoid, terpenoid and flavonoid profiles. We’ve tested over 200 strains and popped over 5,000 seeds to bring you our current menu.

Mad Scientist Without the Insanity

We customize environmental conditions for each strain, using only the best nutrients and harvesting only when the buds are perfectly ripe. This tailored process ensures that all of our flowers achieve their full genetic potential.

Nice Strains Finish Last

The finishing process is critical and all too often overlooked. Precise control of temperature and humidity during drying and curing takes longer, but you will notice the difference.

Beauty Inside and Out

Appearance matters, so our flower is only hand manicured. Our expert processors each have over five years of experience on average and are every bit as important as our cultivators.

“Uncompromising dedication to perfection is what separates average flower from flawless flower. We are Ember Valley, and this is our philosophy.”